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Coordinator of Services and Clinical Supervisor 
Dr. Brian Olowude earned his Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 2001. “Dr. O” has served as coordinator for Fresno City College Psychological Services since 2004. Dr. O offers a dynamic resume, including his work as a correctional psychologist, university lecturer and instructor. Additionally, Dr. O is involved in community efforts. You can email Dr. Olowude by clicking here.

“I believe that the education experience should be one that is never demeaning, but one that is reaffirming and validating. I believe that the student does not arrive in class ‘tabula rasa’, but is an amalgamation of the individuals experience that if fostered will heighten the educational experience for the student, their classmates and the professor.”

Clinical Supervisor

Dr.  Gareth Houghton: earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1987.  Dr. Houghton has served as a clinical supervisor for Fresno City and Reedley College since 1995.  Dr. Houghton specializes in pain management and clinical hypnosis and works with the medical Community and private clients throughout the central Valley.

Dr.  Kristin Marvin: .  Dr. Marvin holds a Psy.D. from the California School of Professional Psychology.  She uses an integrative and whole body approach tailored to meet student needs.  She is committed to helping students discover how their mental health may be impacting their physical health and vice-versa.

Dr. Guadalupe Vasquez: Dr. Vasquez holds a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  She has worked in College Mental health, Managed Care, Correctional Mental Health and Academia.  In addition to being well versed in Brief Psychotherapy she is fluent in Spanish and is dedicated to assisting students.

Doctoral Interns and Post-Docs

Peter Arnold, M.A. (Intern) is a Clinical Forensic Psychology Doctoral candidate at Alliant International University in Fresno.  Peter has worked in a variety of clinical and forensic settings with multiple treatment modalities.   He has experience treating both adolescents and adults with various psychological diagnoses including PTSD, Social Phobia, Anxiety, Depression, Parent-child relational problems and various types of personality disorders.   Peter utilizes a psychodynamic approach to therapy, and believes therapy in a collaboration between the client and therapist.

Samuel Montano, MA (Intern) is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at Alliant International University, Fresno. His previous clinical experiences include working with adults in community mental health clinics, Fresno City College Psychological Services, substance abuse clinics, and rural forensic settings. Samuel has experience working with a wide range of individuals, presenting problems and psychological disorders. His clinical interests consist of working with relational issues, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, men’s issues, LGBTQ issues, and personality disorders. Samuel is well-versed in psychodynamic techniques and primarily implements this approach when working with clients. He also enjoys teaching and working within the college/university setting. 

Gregory Crawford, M.A. (Intern) is a Clinical Psychology candidate from the Los Angeles campus of Alliant International University.  Greg began studying mental health while on active duty in the United States Air Force.  His previous clinical experience includes working with confined active duty service members; elementary school children; community college adults; community mental health clinic with seriously mentally ill adults; and adult parolees dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues.  Gregory has provided individual and group services; Triage/crisis work; conducted assessment testing; and presented psychoeducation to interested consumers.  Greg’s clinical interests include relaxation for anxiety and mood disorders; Mindfulness; and the trauma spectrum.  He looks forward to providing services to the SCCCD student population.

Julia Schomaker, MA (Intern) is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at Alliant International University, Fresno. She has previously worked with adults in outpatient substance-abuse recovery and community mental health clinics.  She also has experience working with children and adolescents in a school setting addressing a wide range of psychological issues.  Julia enjoys teaching and has worked as an adjunct professor at Alliant International University.  Her clinical interests include working with trauma, family and relational issues, eating disorders, and various anxiety and mood disorders.  Julia enjoys the diversity of being campus based and is looking forward to working with students at Fresno City College.

Arrie Smith, Ph.D. (Post Doc) received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Alliant International University in Fresno. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Fresno City and Reedley College. She holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and African American Studies, and a Master’s in both Counseling Psychology and Public Administration.  She has also served as a United States Marine. Her previous clinical experiences include working with adults in community mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment settings, the seriously and persistently mentally ill, Batterer Intervention,  and court mandated comprehensive psychological evaluations for family reunification. Arrie’s clinical interests include working with those who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, anger management, domestic violence, multiculturalism issues, veterans and active duty military personnel.  She enjoys teaching and incorporates wellness and recovery into her therapeutic framework.

Hilda L. Cisneros, Ph.D. (Post Doc) received her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University in Fresno. She completed her Pre-Doctoral Internship at the Institute for Multicultural Counseling and Education Services (IMCES) in Los Angeles. Her previous clinical experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults of diverse backgrounds. Hilda has experience in crisis intervention and providing individual, couples, and family therapy services addressing a wide range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, and trauma. Her clinical interests include working with those who experience co-occurring medical and psychological health problems, depression, anxiety, acculturation difficulties, trauma and conducting comprehensive psychological evaluations. Hilda enjoys teaching and being involved in conducting cross-cultural research. 

Past Psychological Interns and Post-Docs
Fresno City College Psychological Services has provided clinical training to many psychologists over the years. Below is a list of previous doctoral interns supervised by Brian Olowude, Ph.D.

2013-2014  Ginger Villareal Armas. MA

2013-14   Donna Cook, Psy.D (Post-Doc)

2013-2014  Allen Nodine, Psy.D. (Post-Doc)

2013-2014  Susan Rhodes, Psy,D.

2013-2014  Michelle Rose, Ph.D.

2013-2014  Arrie Smith, Ph.D

2013-2014  Michelle Scoggins, Psy.D.

2012-2013 Ana Cabezas, Psy.D. (Post-Doc)

2012-2013 Malloree Gorrie, Psy.D. (Post-Doc)

2012-2013 Donna Cook, Psy.D.

2012-2013 Jason Johnson, Psy.D.

2012-2013 David Mitchel, MA

2012-2013 Nnenna Ndika, Ph.D.

2011-2012 Ana Cabezas, Psy.D

2011-2012 Malloree Gorrie, Psy.D.

2011-2012 Eileen Houtzer, Psy.D.

2011-2012 Mark Kent, Ph.D.

2011-2012 Donica Romeo, Ph.D.

2011-2012 Thomas Huber, Ph.D. (Post intern Fellow)

2010-2011 Thomas Huber, Ph.D.

2010-2011  Jennifer Leo, Psy.D

2010-2011 Tikesha Leslie-Jones, Psy.D.

2010-2011 Dianne Ey Psy.D (Post-Doc)

2010-2011 Sharon Muha Psy.D (Post-Doc)

2009-2010 Susanne Hallowell, Psy.D

2009-2010 Sharon Muha, Psy.D.

2009-2010 Ghia Xiong, Psy.D.

2009-2010 Kristin Marvin, Psy.D. (Post-Doc)

2008-2009 Michele Detsch, Psy.D.

2008-2009 Stancil Hutchinson, Psy.D.

2008-2009 Kristin Marvin, Psy.D.

2008-2009 Ian Wallace, Ph.D.

2007-2008 Robert Bates, Psy.D.

2007-2008 John Carter, Psy. D

2007-2008 Victor Cattolico, Psy.D.

2007-2008 Jason Merrin, Psy.D. 

2006-2007 Adielle Carrington, Psy.D.

2006-2007 Rachael Egeline, Psy.D.

2006-2007 Joanna Rowles, Ph.D. 

2006-2007 Yasheka Sease, Psy.D.

2005-2006 Guadalupe Vasquez, Psy.D.

2005-2006 Jeffrey Wood, Psy.D.

2005-2006 Dermot-Paul McLoughlin, Ph.D.

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