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Buyback Information

Watch for more details regarding end of Summer buyback.

Please bring all supplemental materials that came with your book(s), including CD’s.

Everyday Buyback vs. Store Buyback
Textbook buybacks are based on the need of the book(s). We cannot guarantee buy back of all books.

Everyday Buyback
The FCC Bookstore has partnered with Nebraska Book Company to offer students an Everyday Buyback. This
service is provided by the bookstore for students to sell their books back throughout the semester. Prices offered are determined by the Nebraska Book Company. Any student can sell their books back during our regular business hours.

Store Buyback
Store Buybacks
are held the first week and during finals week of each Fall and Spring semester. If your book is needed by the FCC Bookstore for the upcoming semester, you will be offered half of the used price whether you bought it new or used.

New Book: $100 You Get: $37.50
37% of your original cost

Used Book: $75 You Get: $37.50
50% of your original cost

If books are not needed by our store during this buyback they may still be bought back at the predetermined price set for the book(s) by the Nebraska Book Company or MBS Textbook Exchange. If your book is not needed by our store or the used book companies, the book will not be bought back. Remember, we cannot guarantee buy back of all books.

What factors contribute to the price I am offered?
The price you are offered is based on the need of the book in the FCC Bookstore for the upcoming semester. Books being used for the upcoming semester will yield the best offer. The offer made by the used book companies are based on the supply and demand of a book needed nationwide at other schools. Condition, edition and resale ability are also contributing factors.

When is the best time to sell my book back?
The best time to sell your book is at the end of the semester during finals. The FCC Bookstore sets a limit to the number of books we offer half of the used price for. Once our limit is reached, the used book company may still offer to buy back your book. However, it will be at their predetermined price. With editions changing almost every year, selling your book back at your earliest convenience is the best choice.

Last updated: 7/6/2016 9:59:46 AM