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Counseling 11
Strategies for Academic Success (3 Units)

Description: Recommended for intercollegiate athletes. Designed to help entering students make a smooth transition into collegiate life, as well as increase knowledge of policies, procedures, resources and academic requirements especially pertaining to student athletes. Introduces techniques to improve learning strategies along with academic and professional development. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 38
Student Success Skills Enhancement (3 Units)

Description: Development of academic language skills for under-prepared college students. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 41
Transitions (3 Units)

Descriptions: A comprehensive survey course that integrates personal/academic growth and development with an emphasis in overall lifelong success. It includes personal and academic values and priorities, college culture and diversity, procrastination, motivation, self-responsibility and awareness, behavior modification, problem-solving, goal setting and planning, critical analysis, creative thinking, time management, probation policies, strategies to get off and stay off probation, study and classroom skills, research and library skills, multi-learning styles, health, and wellness. May be required for disqualified students. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 43
Group Dynamics and Self-Understanding (2 Units)

Description: An in-depth look at concepts key to self-understanding and successful relationships with a focus on building self-confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, and interpersonal skills while also identifying barriers to communication and healthy dynamics. Presented in a lecture as well as interactive format. Emphases may include: Interpersonal Abuse, Peer Mentoring, Substance Abuse and/or Social Anxiety. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 47A
College Study Skills, General Habits (1 Unit)

Description: Establishing good study habits, developing confidence in learning, goal setting, time management, improving concentration, active listening techniques, and effective classroom behavior. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 47A
College Study Skills, General Habits (1 Unit)

Description: Lecture note taking, textbook study, memorization techniques, test taking, vocabulary building, and other study methods. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 48
Career Planning and Development (1 Unit)

Description: Career and educational planning for the college student. Topics include self-assessment, career exploration, occupational outlook, and decision-making. An introduction to computerized resources and career information systems is provided. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 49
Job Preparation (1 Unit)

Description: How to locate job openings and prepare a personal resume. Practice in filling out applications for employment, application letters, and developing techniques for job interviews. Exploring other related topics, such as career implications and the job market. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 53
College and Life Management (3 Units)

Description: Freshman orientation providing information, skills, and processes to survive in college. Provides the opportunities for students to better understand themselves as students, responsible adults, and members of the working-world. Designed to enable students to formulate life, career, education, and personal goals, and to provide various strategies to accomplish these goals. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 54
Foundations to Success in College, Career & Life (1 Unit)

Description: Designed to help students implement their academic, career, and personal goals. Team building and role responsibilities to self and community will be explored and developed. Designed to assist students in the transitioning process from self-focused to other life roles. (AA, CSU)

Counseling 150
College Introduction (1 Unit)

Description: Self-assessment, success planning, time management, campus resources, catalog/educational planning, and career awareness. (AA) 

Work Experience 19
Experience, General (1-3 Units)

Description: How to be successful in a college class and on the job. Interpersonal dynamics and finding solutions to real life problems. Exploring basic academic skills, communicating, adapting to new situations, and problem solving. Corequisite: Must be enrolled in at least 7 units fall/spring, including work experience. (AA, CSU)

See a counselor or advisor for information about enrolling in one of these courses.

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